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Real-time EMI Mapping and Sounding – Equipment and Software

The paper is devoted to an approach of rapid frequency induction soundings data collection, processing and visualization. Recently developed equipment NEMFIS implementing electromagnetic induction method is briefly described as well as the software that controls the instrument, collects and process the data. The software was developed for mobile operating system based Pocket PC devices. It manages the NEMFIS via wireless Bluetooth' connection, downloads the data and performs real-time processing and visualization (maps, pseudo-sections and diagrams construction). The measured data are synchronized with the coordinates from GPS receiver, that can be wireless external or the Pocket PC integrated. Comparing the traditional approach of survey with prior layout of measuring grid and data post processing the approach presented here has wider capabilities and significantly higher productivity. The paper includes basic formulas for calculating apparent values of conductivity as well as estimation of the depth of investigation. Brief case history of the developed system is presented in the paper.

Итоговая версия опубликована: Сборник трудов Near Surface 2009 - 15th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Dublin, Ireland, 7 - 9 September 2009